Packing organisation

We can assist you at any moment of the process

Many of our clients are too busy to take care of their move themselves and all the organization that goes with it. Medical professionals consider that moving house is one of the biggest traumas in ones’ life, and this can be dramatically increased when moving abroad.
Getting prepared – psychologically, physically and materially – for your move is one of the key steps of this process.
FamilyZen can help you in all aspects of your move and facilitates you in getting things done. We can intervene at any moment of the process.
We help you to feel relieved, less-stressed and to focus on more important concerns : your family, your job, and your well-being.

Moving checklist

If you decide to do things by yourself, here is a moving checklist of the preparation phases that we can recommend :

  • Room by room, estimate the number of boxes needed and the different sizes you will need. Be careful with big boxes, they are heavy to carry and they can harm your back !
  • Find a place to buy the house moving boxes – in France, Do It Yourself shops : Leroy Merlin, Castorama, Bricorama or Storage firms like Shurgaard. If you have a low budget you can go chase used boxes in the local supermarket. Buy some large tape to firmly close them during the move. It’s much easier if you find tape with the self-cutting applicative system.
  • Start packing room by room, starting with less-important or unnecessary pieces (objects from the cellar, objects from book shelves, decoration items) and clothes that are not in season or that you will not need until you are in your new home.
  • Write a short notice on what is inside the box, and more importantly, which room the box is going to in your new home. Write FRAGILE if needed. Be careful with books, the box quickly becomes heavy : choose smaller boxes.
  • To pack your dishes or fragile items, you should find some special boxes (called “barrels”, with special separations in it). Wrap each item in newspaper and use extra newspaper to fill in the space.
  • When deconstructing furniture, remember to keep the construction notice, or perhaps tape it onto the furniture itself. Also tape the nuts and bolts onto the furniture itself in order to easily find them again. Some pieces of furniture need to be covered to avoid being damaged. Don’t forget to find some old blankets.
  • Notify the town hall (or the police station, according to where you live) that you require a special parking place authorisation to park the moving van : at your current town, as well as at your new one ! If you don’t do it, you could get a fine for parking inconveniently.
  • Book a company to do your move, or if you are doing it yourself, invite four or five good friends to help you. Remember to ask them at least a month in advance before the moving day !
  • Prepare some drinks and finger food to feed everyone during the day, and organise something nice for afterwards to thank them for their priceless efforts !