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School has just started and you are completely overwhelmed by the huge list of school stationery ? Here is a list to understand what the teacher wants for the school year : Classeur : Binder or loose-leaf ring binder Compas : Compass Copie double : Double loose-leaf sheet Crayons de couleur : Colored pencils Crayon à papier : Pencil (HB=nº2) Dossier : File Double décimètre : 20 cm ruler Effaceur : Ink eraser Equère : right angle triangle Eponge : Sponge Feuille blanche : White paper Papier calque : Tracing paper Feuille canson : Construction/drawing paper Feuille double : Double loose-leaf paper Feuille mobile : Loose-leaf paper Feuille simple : Simple loose-leaf paper Grand format : Big size(21×29,7cm=A4) Très Grand format(maxi) : Big size(24x32cm=maxi A4) Grands carreaux (ou Seyes) : Normal lined paper Petits carreaux : Graph paper Feuille volante : Loose-leaf paper Feutres : Markers Gomme : Eraser Intercalaire : Subject dividers Papier millimétré : Millimetre graph paper Perforée : With holes Perforeuse : Hole puncher Pour la peinture : For painting Chiffon : Old cloth Couleurs primaires : Primary colors Gobelet/Godet : Cup for water Pinceaux : Paint brushes Tablier : Smock (overall) Tubes de peinture : Tubes of paint(often gouache for primary school) Vieille chemise : Old shirt Protège cahiers : Notebook covers Pochettes transparentes : Clear plastic folders to protect documents in a binder Rapporteur : protractor Stylo plume : fountain pen **************** Avertissement : An official warning which is the normal sanction for misdemeanors by pupils ranging from minor transgressions to major breaches of discipline; many students collect one during their school career; more than one on the record is dangerous, and three can result in expulsion. Bulletin scolaire: Report card Bureau de la vie scolaire : General administration office for middle school student concerns Classe de neige/Classe transplantée: 2 to 3 weeks’ stay in the mountains (or seaside) with class in the morning Collège : Jr High School (6th – 9th grade), middle school Carnet de correspondance : A booklet serving as a communication link between parents and teachers (for students in secondary) Conseil de classe : Meeting of teachers towards the end of each term in order to discuss the performance of a class as a whole, and of individual students in particular, prior to the sending out of report cards. Contrôle : Test Conseiller(e) principal d’éducation : School academic counselor Délégué de classe (élève) : Class representative elected by students at the beginning of each school year. Directeur : Principal of an elementary school Intendant : School financial administrator Informatique : Computer Programming Loge : Concierge’s Office LV I (Langue Vivante I) : First foreign language after National Section Language and French LV II (Langue Vivante II) : Second foreign language after National Section Language and French Maternelle II : Pre-Kindergarten Maternelle III : Kindergarten Mention : Honors (Félicitations, Compliments or Encouragements) Moyenne : Average Note : Grade Permanence : Free period between classes which should be used for private studies Pion : Student slang for « surveillant » Portes Ouvertes : Open House Day Principal : Principal of a middle school Professeur principal : French homeroom teacher in Secondary school Protal : Student slang for proviseur

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