Here is all the paperwork you will need to do months before leaving your place :

¨  Get a Residence Permit (Carte de séjour/Titre de séjour ou carte de résident) if you don’t come from a Schengen country (information on

This is one of the most difficult parts of the moving process. You’ll need to go to the French Embassy in your home country to know all the processes you will need to undertake before moving to France and they will provide you with a list of the different documents necessary for your expatriation.

¨  Kindergarten/Nanny: Quite early in the moving process you will have to get some information about childcare. If you have a baby under 3-years-old you will need to contact the local town hall’s Baby Care Service to commence an enquiry if you want your baby to have a nanny. Different solutions exist, but for the one depending on Town Hall organisation, a residence utility bill will be needed.

¨  School: You will need to make a good choice for your children’s education (public, private, international, religious, etc.) in order to get the best out of your new location in France. Visit the schools, if necessary book an appointment with the principal and ask for a registration file by January/February.

Once this is done, you can prepare all the documents you will have to send to cease your current residence and to start anew at your next home:

¨  Tax services: Impôt/Trésor Public

¨  Electricity: EDF

¨  Gaz: GDF

¨  Water network

¨  Social Health security

¨  Insurance company (don’t forget to start a insurance housing from the 1st day of your arrival)

¨  Family allowance : CAF

¨  Contracts with phone services : Home telephone, cellular, internet box

¨  All your shop loyalty cards

¨  Town Hall: baby and children services, education services, electoral card…)

¨  Post office: you can have your mail forwarded to your new home in 6 months

¨  Banks and Savings

¨  Investment contracts

¨  Transport pass : RATP/SNCF

¨  Your employer

¨  Your friends

And the best for the end: once you are at your new place, here are some tips to remember:

¨  Find a good doctor: ask your chemist to recommend you a good one and don’t hesitate to tell him what is important for you.

¨  Find good specialists: ask the doctor to recommend you some.

¨  You will probably need a cleaning lady to help you!

¨  Clubs for you and your children.

¨  Go to Prefecture within the 2 months of your settlement to have your papers renewed: carte grise, permis de conduire, carte d’identité.

¨  If you are coming from another country, an international residence club could be great for you.

Don’t forget to prepare yourself and your children psychologically. If possible bring your children to the new place and have good time there: walk around the town, find a nice park to spend some time with them or a nice coffee shop (brasserie) to have lunch or a hot chocolate…

Overall, FamilyZen is there for you. We can intervene at any stage of these processes. We can give you advice or, better yet, we can do it for you. Don’t hesitate in contacting us, your life would be much easier! 😉