High Quality Relocation Service

To help you relocate easily

FamilyZen helps future expatriates identify, select and prepare their new housing when moving to France. We ensure you a smooth move into your new expatriation.

As a Relocation agency, we do home search, bank account opening, school registration, find the right family activities and help with immigration procedures. We can also help you with a wide range of paperwork as a personal assistant.

Our aim is to remove the stress relocating can cause in order to provide new comers with the best possible first impression of France.

Home search

  • Home search according to the client’s requirements
  • Visits of selected « good match » properties
  • Preparation of the rental application and follow-up
  • Assistance with the lease contract
  • Assistance of the formal hand-over of the property
  • Assistance with telephone, Internet, electricity connection and other utilities


  • Personalized assessment of needs and requirements with parents for each child
  • Introduction to the educational environment: public, private and international school systems
  • Personalized advice according to country of origin, culture and spoken languages
  • School visits, appointments with school’s faculty and administration
  • Assistance with registration process and follow-up until the arrival of the family


  • Best alternatives for activities, sports, music
  • Arrange for a babysitter, solutions for day care
  • Organise a birthday party

Administrative issues

  • Residence permits
  • Work authorizations
  • Visas and Extensions
  • Registration in Consular Office
  • Social Security registration
  • City Hall/resident registration
  • Bank account set up
  • Tax application forms and related services
  • Assistance with French paperwork and administration


  • Formal lease termination and reimbursement of security deposit
  • Inspection of the property
  • Cancellation of utility services
  • Cancellation of bank account, insurance policies, car registration, and residence permits
  • Contact with moving/transportation services

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